1ºESO Mosaic 1 + Workbook Oxford U. P.
Apoyo 1º Let’s Go! 1 Burlington
2ºESO Mosaic 2 + Workbook Oxford U.P.
Apoyo 2º Let’s Go! 2 Burlington
3ºESO Smart Planet + Workbook Cambridge U.P.
3ºPMAR Build Up 3 Burlington
4ºESO Real English 4 + Workbook (Website) Burlington
4ºDIV Smart Move Oxford U. P.
1ºBACH Living English 1 Burlington
2ºBACH Viewpoints 2 (Website) Burlington

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2ºESO* The Canterville Ghost Burlington
2ºESO* A Ghost Collection Burlington
3ºESO New Yorkers — Short Stories by O. Henry Oxford (Bookworms)
4ºESO The Pickwick Papers by Charles Dickens Vicens Vives (Black Cat)
1ºBACH Short Stories by Roald Dahl
2ºBACH* A Foreigner in New York Burlington
2ºBACH* Joanna’s Story and Others Burlington

*Ask your teacher about the chosen book for your class.



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1st Term: Science Fiction Books

The Ultimate Hitch-hiker´s Guide to the Galaxy

By Douglas Adams


Seconds before the Earth is to be demolished by an alien construction crew to make an interstellar highway, Arthur Dent, the last human left on Earth, is hitched off the planet by Ford Prefect, a researcher planning a new edition of “The Hitchiker´s Guide to the Galaxy.”

A Review by Aliya Cooper

Arthur Dent, the last human on earth, after an alien company destroyed our planet must go out into the galaxy with the help of his alien friend and survive its mysteries and dangers using only a towel and his copy of “The Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.”  It´s a tale full of aliens, humor, and an exciting journey that will take you to places you have never imagined.

Ages 12 and up will enjoy this story.

Tuck Everlasting

by Natalie Babbitt. (Farrar,1975 ISBN 0-374-37848-7) Novel. 180 pages. Grades 4+. Also available in Spanish.                                                                                                                                   


This thought-provoking, delightful book has got to be one of the all time great fantasies for children. The writing is superb. The plot engrossing and the images and themes can last in the reader’s mind for a very long time. When Winnie, a rather bored and overly protected child, becomes friends with the Tuck family, her life is changed forever. The Tucks, mother and father and two sons, have inadvertently drunk from a well which freezes them in time and gives them everlasting life. They will never change, never grow old, never die. They know that the world must never be let in on their secret, for it would change life on earth for the worse. Then Mae Tuck kills a man. If they try to execute Mae for the crime, their secret immortality will come out. If they merely keep her in prison, they’ll see that she doesn’t age. The dilemma for Winnie, Mae and Mae’s family is extreme. And then there’s Winnie herself. Should she drink from the well now? when she grows up? ever?

Review by Aliya Cooper

It´s about a family that discovered a spring that gives them everlasting life.  A young girl discovers this secret, and the family must prevent others from finding the spring.

Ages 12-16 can read this book easily in the US.

2nd Term: Historical Fiction Books

The Last of the Mohicans

by James Fenimore Cooper


Undoubtedly the best story ever written about the American frontier before America became a nation. Cooper’s masterpiece is based on a true adventure.

This is the exciting story about the first symptoms of the great change that was to transform the life of the Indian civilization on the American continent. Cooper’s extraordinary characters are unforettable!

There is a wealth of dossiers about the American Indians: their origins, their culture and their present struggle to keep their heritage alive.

Review by Steven Malley

Follow the Munro family, Hawkeye, and the last two members of a great tribe of American Indians known as the Mohicans, into the dangerous, warring lands of the mid-west. This historical novel takes place during the time of the French and Indian War, just to the southeast of the Great Lakes of North America. During this time, this wild land is still inhabited by different American Indian tribes as well as the combating French and British soldiers who try to use these tribes for their own battles. This exciting, historical novel is so full of details that it will make you feel like you were alive during the times of this grusome war. You’ll find yourself hoping desperately that your favorite characters will stay alive and wanting to see an end to the ever-vengeful and cunning Le Renard.

Cold Mountain

by Charles Frazier

Review by Steven Malley        

Inman and Ada, the two protagonists of this novel, have two very different stories with a common goal: to survive their own plights long enough to be reunited after years of separation. This story, which takes place during the American Civil War, is one of gruesome battles, long lost loves, and the hope of freedom, which is desired in many forms. The strong and silent Inman is a Confederate soldier fighting for the south, while the beautiful “southern bell” Ada, the very person he fights to stay alive for, is found, very suddenly, completely alone and with no idea of how to keep herself alive on a desolate farm. This great work of historical fiction tells of the lives of many different types of people and how each of their them was affected in different, terrible ways by the American Civil War.